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Pharmostar Labs in Cooper City is the absolute BEST!! After going to many different public parks for testing during Covid I finally found someplace that makes the testing experience easy for myself and my five-year-old daughter. The staff that works there is always friendly and very accommodating. They have made a scared five-year-old who used to cry and throw up every time she had to test smile and voluntarily pull down her own mask to do testing now. Going in is always super quick there’s never any waiting and results are sent back in a timely manner. After finding this gem there is no other place that I’d rather get tested.

Natalie Vincent PHARMOSTAR Pharmacy Customer

5 Stars!

Allan Rafford PHARMOSTAR Pharmacy Customer

5 Stars!

Kirsten Welch PHARMOSTAR Pharmacy Customer


Absolutely not! We offer lower prices than co-pays and we’ve saved our patients thousands of dollars on their medications.

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The Role of a Sexual Health Pharmacist

Pharmacists have the professional and social responsibility to educate the public on sexual/reproductive health matters, as well as contributing to treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV/AIDS, unplanned pregnancies (especially among the young), menopausal women, abortion, and sexual violence.

Why Providers Need to Work With Digital Pharmacies

Digital pharmacies allow doctors and hospitals to run a more efficient and organized facility, while protecting their patients’ health.

The Role of a Pharmacist in Healthcare

Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals who provide a broad spectrum of services, including conducting health and wellness testing, managing chronic diseases, performing medication management, and administering immunizations.

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